Episode 63

Published on:

9th May 2020

Q&A 2 - Q from Stan & A from Florida Real Estate University

Q&A with Florida Real Estate University

Candidate Information Booklet for the Real Estate Sales Associate Examination

Candidate Information Booklet for the Real Estate Broker Examination

Q&A with Florida Real Estate University Pt II.

1.      Dual Agency – Can elaborate a little about what a dual agency is or isn’t?

2.      Can you help me better understand Broker relationships, especially a No – Brokerage Relationship (possibly an example from your experience)? Can you tell me the main difference between a non-representation, single agent and a transaction broker?

3.      Can the Transaction Broker represent both buyer/seller Sales Assoc?

4.      Would like to discuss in detail about Agent Broker / Broker Assoc and Property Management relationships. I understand that there is no PM License. I am under the impression that the PM has to be a Sale Assoc or employee by the broker?

5.      Sale Assoc (lic’d individual) wants to be an LLC for Tax Pass through efficiencies. How do they represent themselves in business transactions?

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