Episode 85

Cuzin Vinnie with RaHeen Lindsey

Published on: 24th July, 2020

What is outlined below is what started this adventure on July 21, 2020

Tue 8:58 PM

RaHeem: Bonnie,

Good evening my brother how are you?

I will come by the mall to bring you your Mommas Fried Banana Pudding Ice cream:

Vinnie: That works. I will be doing a podcast at 2pm with guest in the stuido

Sorry brother I meant Vinnie, phones these days typo error.

Sounds good see ya then brother God bless

Vinnie: Thank you.

Wed 1:37 PM

RaHeem: On my way brother where will you be

Vinnie: In my studio inside the Citrus executive hub

RaHeem: May want to grab yourself a spoon from food court lol

RaHeem: Walking in

Vinnie: Thumbs up

RaHeen: Here

Vinnie: Thumbs Up

Wed 3:14 PM

Raheem: Vinnie, Such a pleasure meeting and speaking with you. I look forward to working with you and being a guest on your podcast which is wonderful and I think the community needs it!

Thank you

Vinnie: Your welcome. Hope you didn't get into much trouble.

RaHeem: All good, No worries I’m in the clear, Lol

Vinnie: Thumbs Up

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